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              Importance and usage of dongle
              1、 What is a dongle?
              USB dongle is a popular identity authentication tool at present. It is similar in size to USB flash disk and can be directly plugged in and out of the USB interface of the computer. Our dongle also belongs to this category. Each dog has an independent product identification code and an independent new encryption algorithm. When users log in to the platform, they are allowed to log in normally only after detecting a specific dongle and accurate physical verification.
              2、 The function and pertinence of the dongle due to the special algorithm of the dongle, when the user logs in the background, the identity is verified again, and an anti-theft door is added to your platform management to better take care of your platform.
              1、加密狗互補了IP限制功能的不足。部分點卡渠道客戶沒有固定IP,所以一般只能設置IP段限制,還有一部分 客戶在 家和公司都需要管理后臺,IP限制設置更沒有辦法鎖定單獨IP,針對這兩部分客戶的IP限制功能,加密狗具有很好的互補作用。
              1. Dongle complements the deficiency of IP restriction function. Some point card channel customers have no fixed IP, so generally they can only set IP segment restrictions. Some customers need to manage the background at home and in the company, and there is no way to lock a separate IP. For the IP restriction functions of these two customers, the dongle has a good complementary role.
              2. Dongle enhances internal management means. The dongle is portable, simple and convenient, plug and play. Employees and finance can log in to the system only under authorization. It brings reliability and convenience to your financial management and internal management.
              3. The dongle defends against foreign invasion. If your machine or LAN accidentally gets hit by a Trojan horse, your background account may be sniffed or intercepted at any time, but hackers can't log in in in the background because they don't have a hardware dog. Therefore, even if your account password is accidentally stolen, as long as he does not have an encryption dog, it is difficult to log in to your background in a different place, and it is also difficult to manipulate your machine for background login.
              3、 Method of use
              1. If it is a front desk dongle, after receiving our company's dongle, the front desk user shall download the dongle driver at the "download dongle driver" in the front desk. After installation, click "bind dongle" in "Settings" after logging in, so that the foreground customers need to use the dongle every time they log in. If it is a background dongle, the background customer should contact our customer service personnel. We will send you the driver to install and set binding in the system. Similarly, you need to use the dongle every time you log in.
              2. Plug the dongle into the USB interface of the computer and log in. When you log in to the foreground or background of the system, you need to unplug the dongle immediately. The operation of the dongle only plays a verification role when you log in. After you log in, it will not repeat the operation. After entering the system, you need to exit the platform in time and log in correctly next time.
              3. If you do not pull out the dongle in time, illegal personnel can still use improper means to enter your system and remotely operate your machine. In fact, your dongle is in vain.
              4. The encryption dog shall be kept properly to prevent loss and shall not be lent to others,. If it is lost accidentally, cancel the dongle binding in the background as soon as possible, and the lost dongle can no longer be used. If you still want to use the new dongle again, please contact us, and we will customize the dongle for you again. You can use it after binding again.
              At present, the principles of various dongles in the market are introduced. I would like to talk about my views on using "hardware dongle" as one of the methods commonly used in the global software protection industry
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