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              A: The pressure signal is in full scale, which is inconsistent with the actual situation. Disconnect the positive signal line behind the card, the signal changes from full scale to about 8kg pressure signal (the range is 0-13kg). According to field observation, the measuring point has passed through the whole process. Short circuit the signal line, but the signal display is normal after the safety barrier.
              It is preliminarily judged that there is a problem with the safety barrier. The reason may be that the signals of the same group are grounded. When the barrier fails, another Ma signal is coupled to the signal, causing signal interference.
              How to check the inaccurate thermal resistance signal?
              A: Firstly, check the configuration of thermal resistance and confirm that the thermal resistance model in the configuration is consistent with the actual model; Secondly, ensure that the upper and lower computer configurations are consistent. Then, if it is still suspected that there is a problem with temperature measurement, the resistance between on-site thermal resistance a and B can be measured as R1; The resistance between B and C is R2.
              According to the temperature measurement principle of 3-wire thermal resistance, the actual resistance value of thermal resistance can be obtained as r1-2r2. Then check the table to find out the corresponding temperature. Then compare this temperature with the temperature on the monitor. If the access is large, please replace the card and try again.
              The above is the central control DCS card of Zhejiang University http://www.eboudy.com I'd like to introduce the analysis and troubleshooting of the causes of abnormal pressure signal of central control card. Thank you for checking the information of our company in your busy schedule. If you want to know more, you are welcome to call for consultation!