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              How to deal with abnormal conditions of cards?
              In case of transmitter failure during automatic control, switch back to manual mode immediately.
              In case of valve failure, switch back to manual operation and change to on-site operation.
              系統出現斷電,此時應立即切回手動,并要求工程師檢查系統情況,確認完好后方可再次投 入自動。
              In case of power failure of the system, it shall be switched back to manual immediately, and the Engineer shall be required to check the system and put into automatic again after confirming that it is in good condition.
              操作界面數據不刷新(正常情況數據每秒刷新一次),手自動切換無法操作等情況,應聯 系儀表人員進行維護。同時立即到現場操作。
              If the data on the operation interface is not refreshed (normally, the data is refreshed once per second), manual and automatic switching is unable to operate, etc., the instrument personnel shall be contacted for maintenance. At the same time, immediately go to the site for operation.
              出現系統卡件故障時應把相應控制回路切回手動,并由儀表人員更換故障卡件,檢查確認故 障解除后方可再次投入自動。
              In case of system card fault, the corresponding control circuit shall be switched back to manual, and the instrument personnel shall replace the fault card, and the automatic can be put into operation again after checking and confirming that the fault is removed.
              系統出現異常斷電,應改為手動操作。重新上電后,要求工程師檢查系統情況,檢查回 路參數等系統數據是否正常,確認各調節閥的開度。一切正常后方可再次投入自動。
              In case of abnormal power failure of the system, it shall be changed to manual operation. After re energization, the engineer is required to check the system, check whether the system data such as circuit parameters are normal, and confirm the opening of each regulating valve. After everything is normal, it can be put into automatic again.
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