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              The key of DCS system is communication. It can also be said that the data highway is the backbone of DCS. Because its task is to provide communication network between all components of the system, the design of data highway itself determines the overall flexibility. The media of the data highway can be a pair of twisted pair, coaxial cable or optical fiber cable.
              Through the design parameters of data highway, we can basically understand the relative advantages and disadvantages of a specific DCS system.
              (1) How much I / O information can the system process.
              (2) How much control loop information related to control can the system process.
              (3) How many users and devices can be adapted (CRT, control station, etc.).
              (4) How to check the integrity of the transmitted data.
              (5) What is the allowable length of the data highway.
              (6) How many branches can the data highway support.
              (7) Whether the data highway can support the hardware produced by other manufacturers (programmable control, computer, data recording device, etc.).
              In order to ensure the integrity of communication, most DCS manufacturers can provide redundant data highway.
              In order to ensure the reliability of the system, complex communication protocols and error detection technology are used. The so-called communication protocol is a set of rules to ensure that the transmitted data is received and understood as the transmitted data.
              At present, two kinds of communication means are generally used in DCS system, namely synchronous and asynchronous. Synchronous communication relies on a clock signal to regulate the transmission and reception of data, and asynchronous network adopts a reporting system without clock.