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              There are many kinds of DCS cards. Take JX-300XP system as an example to clarify which aspects are composed of:
              JX-300XP cards are divided into:
              The main control card, such as xp243x, is mainly responsible for the operation of the control station system;
              Data transfer card issuing, such as xp233. Connecting the bridge between IO card and master card;
              Various IO cards, such as xp363, xp362, xp316, xp313, xp322, etc. Mainly responsible for inputting and outputting all kinds of digital and analog quantities on site;
              其它功能類卡件,比方XP248 多串口多協議通訊卡擔任和其它智能設備通訊(plc,變頻器等)
              Other functional cards, such as xp248 multi serial port multi protocol communication card, are used to communicate with other intelligent devices (PLC, frequency converter, etc.)
              Xp221 and xp000 are mainly used to occupy space (otherwise, a slot of the cage will be empty if there is no card).

              作為生產過程自動化領域的計算機控制體系,傳統的DCS僅僅是一個狹義的概念。假如認為DCS僅僅生產過程的自動化體系,那就會引出過錯的結論,由于現在的計算機控制體系的含義已被大大擴展了,它不只包括曩昔DCS中所包含的各種內容,還向下深化到了現場的每臺測量設備、執行機構,向上發展到了生產管理,企業經營的方方面面。傳統意義上的DCS現在僅僅是指生產過程控制這一部分的自動化,而工業自動化體系的概念,則應定位到企業全面解決方案,即total solution的層次。只要從這個角度上提出問題并解決問題,才能使計算機自動化真正起到其應有的效果。
              As a computer control system in the field of production process automation, the traditional DCS is only a narrow concept. If we think that DCs is only the automation system of the production process, it will lead to the conclusion of fault. Because the meaning of the current computer control system has been greatly expanded, it not only includes various contents contained in DCS in the past, but also deepens to each measuring equipment and actuator on the site, and develops upward to all aspects of production management and enterprise management. DCS in the traditional sense now only refers to the automation of production process control, while the concept of industrial automation system should be positioned at the level of enterprise comprehensive solution, that is, total solution. As long as problems are raised and solved from this point of view, computer automation can really play its due effect.