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                DCS card, many people do not know what it is, in fact, this product is often used in the field of industrial control, and also plays a huge role, so today, Zhejiang University central control DCS card xp313 small braid, let's talk about the input type of DCS card, the following is a specific introduction, I hope you can learn.
                Input type of DCS card:
                RTD: thermistor input, used to connect thermistor, including PT100, PT1000, cu50, etc. TC: Thermocouple Input, used to connect thermal resistance
                PI: pulse input, used to measure the pulse input and output type: Ao: generally refers to the opening degree of valve from DCS to the site;
                Do: generally used to control the start and stop of equipment, the switch of electric valve and the gain and loss of power of solenoid valve PWM: used to output PWM signal.
                AI: analog input, with 4-20mA current type and 0-5V voltage type, which generally transmits the analysis values of pressure, temperature, liquid level, flow and content on site
                Di: discrete input, including 24 V, 220 V and dry contact, which is generally used for the state (start and stop) of equipment and valve feedback
                Other communication modules: RS-232C communication module, RS-485 communication module, Ethernet communication module, various fieldbus communication modules
                DCS cards are classified according to the signal type. The commonly used cards are: 4 ~ 20mA input and output, digital input and output (i.e. switch value), thermal resistance, thermocouple, pulse card and communication card.
                Its function is to convert and process different types of signals. Analog input: AI; output: Ao; digital input: Di; output: do.
                以上是關于dcs卡件輸入類型的介紹,希望對大家有所幫助,如您還有其他疑問歡迎咨詢我們的網站 www.eboudy.com, 浙大中控dcs卡件XP313 浙大中控dcs卡件XP314 供應商
                The above is about DCS card input type introduction, hope to help you, if you have other questions, welcome to consult our website www.eboudy.com , Zhejiang University central control DCS card xp313 Zhejiang University central control DCS card xp314 supplier