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              2021-09-17 16:42:12 來源:http://www.eboudy.com/ 53

              The operation management of central control DCS system of Zhejiang University refers to the DCS system, which is commonly used for the management of jx-0300xp operation control system Patrol Inspection (generally once a day), thermal control equipment operation and shutdown (during equipment maintenance), equipment integrity (PDCA management system operation), anomaly analysis, handling, etc.
              The operation management of central control DCS system of Zhejiang University shall be based on the previous conventional thermal control equipment management and thermal control spare parts management. Corresponding operation and maintenance methods shall be formulated according to the characteristics of central control DCS system of Zhejiang University. For example, the database of the control station shall be regularly checked and exported for backup, so as to facilitate accident analysis; The hard disk should be checked regularly to prevent the disk from being full, resulting in new data not being stored.
              In case of power failure in the operation station, the shutdown procedure must be executed before power failure; It is strictly prohibited to stop and send power at will. The system must ensure the stability and reliability of UPS power supply. Strengthen the protection of data network cable connector to prevent disconnection. In addition, the DCS control signal cable shall be separated from the high-voltage cable; Put the cable through the protective sleeve to prevent interference. DCS spare parts shall be stored with original accessories, and the spare parts shall be inspected regularly, generally including xp313 / xp314 / xp316 / xp322 / xp362 / xp363, etc. When the DCS device fails and needs to be replaced with spare parts, the spare parts must be tested before use, so as not to cause a large-area short circuit of the system and affect the operation of the whole system.
              Strengthen the management of software Pro. Chemical plants and power plants pay more attention to DCS hardware maintenance management, especially the cards of central control system have been subject to anti-corrosion treatment, and the hardware safety is very high, but the software management methods are not perfect. If anyone on site can modify the configuration, the software cannot be copied, backed up and managed in a unified manner, which is very dangerous to the running system. Therefore, the software and hardware shall be managed at the same time to standardize the management of DCS system software and application software. The modification, update and upgrading of software must comply with the approval authorization and person in charge system.
              Before modifying, updating and upgrading the software, the software shall be backed up; The system configuration program shall be backed up once after modifying the logic. For the 2118m special keyboard of the operator station, its use authority shall be strictly stipulated to avoid misoperation. The software version of each workstation must be checked clearly, and each station must be consistent. All kinds of software that has not been tested and confirmed shall not be downloaded to the running DCS system for use. Targeted DCS system anti-virus measures must be established. The optical drive and USB interface on the operation station shall be sealed to prevent external virus intrusion.