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              1 智能卡芯片
              1 smart card chip
              Not all dongles use smart card chips, and not all dongles using smart card chips are safe enough. The core component of the mainstream dongle in the industry is the smart card chip, but only the secure smart card chip with the most advanced encryption technology is the core of the dongle security. However, smart card chips are mainly used in short cycle products, and their evolution is dominated by the consumer market, so their future products can not be compatible. Therefore, choosing the dongle depends on whether the smart card chip passes the relevant authentication and whether it is safe enough.
              2 多個開發商共用一個加密鎖
              2. Multiple developers share one encryption lock
              The dongles of some large enterprises can only be plugged into the server for unified maintenance and management. Many need to use various types of software. Xiaobian once saw seven or eight encryption dogs of different brands on a server. Listen to the management of the enterprise. First, it brings many problems to the management. Second, multiple dogs will also encounter the problem of "fighting", which will seriously affect the normal business of the enterprise.
              3 “程序猿”?加密大師?
              3 "program ape"? Encryption master?
              Xiaobian listens to many "program apes" complain that they spend a lot of time studying dongle API, studying encryption strategy and even cracking technology, and implement encryption scheme with confidence. Unfortunately, the encrypted software is released less than a week, and you can buy pirated software on a treasure.
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              This article is contributed by the software dog of central control operator of Zhejiang University. For more information, please click: http://www.eboudy.com  Sincere attitude. To provide you with a comprehensive service. More relevant knowledge, we will continue to offer to you. Please look forward to it