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              Fw352 (b) thermocouple signal input card is an intelligent eight channel thermocouple signal acquisition card with analog signal conditioning. The card can collect thermocouple signals of various models and voltage signals of (- 20 ~ + 20) MV and (- 100 ~ + 100) MV. The channels are isolated by points, and can cooperate with the terminal board to complete the cold end temperature compensation function. The internal cold end compensation range is 0
              ℃~+60℃。 The card can be used in 1:1 redundancy configuration.
              Fw352 (b) card has thermocouple disconnection detection function, and disconnection detection can also be prohibited when measuring millivolt signal. The front panel of the card has a set of panel indicators and a button switch. The indicator light is used to indicate the working state of the card; The button switch is used for hot plugging of cards. Press and hold this button before plugging cards. The back end of the card is connected with a 64 pin European pin, which is used for power supply of the card, data exchange with data transfer card and analog signal input.
              Fw352 (b) card collects thermocouple signals through the terminal board, and carries out pre signal processing such as filtering on the terminal board,
              Then, turn on the channel switch at the specified time, amplify and convert the channel signal, and send it to the CPU to complete signal processing.
              Fw352 (b) thermocouple signal card must be used together with the corresponding terminal board. The function of the terminal board is to provide wiring channel and signal pre-stage anti-interference processing. For details, please refer to the corresponding tb352-u and tb352-ru terminal boards in the terminal board of the control station.