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              2021-08-12 16:17:23 來源:http://www.eboudy.com/ 53

              ECS-700 系統基于國際標準和行業規范進行設計和研制,保證了系統的可用性、可靠性和開放性。系統具有以下鮮明的特點:
              Ecs-700 system is designed and developed based on international standards and industry specifications to ensure the availability, reliability and openness of the system. The system has the following distinctive features:
              ① 開 放 性
              ① Openness
              融合各種標準化的軟、硬件接口,兼容符合現場總線標準的數字信號和傳統的模擬信號,提供符合 MODBUS、HART、FF 和 PROFIBUS 等標準協議的開放接口。
              Integrate various standardized software and hardware interfaces, be compatible with digital signals and traditional analog signals conforming to fieldbus standards, and provide open interfaces conforming to standard protocols such as modbus, Hart, FF and PROFIBUS.
              ② 安 全 性
              ② Security
              系統安全性和抗干擾性符合工業使用環境下的國際標準。全系統包括電源模塊、控制器、 I/O 模塊和通信總線等,均實現冗余。IO 模塊具有通道級的故障診斷,具有完備的故障安全功能。系統具備組態單點在線下載和在線更改功能,確?,F場安全連續運行。
              The safety and anti-interference of the system comply with international standards in industrial use environment. The whole system includes power module, controller, I / O module and communication bus, all of which are redundant. IO module has channel level fault diagnosis and complete fault safety function. The system has the functions of configuration single point online download and online change to ensure safe and continuous operation on site.
              ③ 易 用 性
              ③ Ease of use
              控制站采用 19 吋國際標準機械結構,部件采用標準化的組合方式,方便在各種應用環境下的安裝??刂乒癫捎秒p面垂直結構,獨特的柜內布局兼顧混裝靈活性、I/O 容積率以及維護方便性。I/O 模塊功能選擇通過軟件配置實現,無需跳線設置。精致封裝的 I/O 模塊及模塊基座均采用免螺釘的快速裝卸結構。軟件采用最新人機工程設計技術,符合工業控制操作習慣。
              The control station adopts 19 inch international standard mechanical structure, and the components adopt standardized combination mode, which is convenient for installation in various application environments. The control cabinet adopts double-sided vertical structure and unique cabinet layout, taking into account mixed loading flexibility, I / O plot ratio and maintenance convenience. I / O module function selection is realized through software configuration without jumper setting. The exquisite encapsulated I / O module and module base adopt screw free quick loading and unloading structure. The software adopts the latest ergonomic design technology, which is in line with industrial control operation habits.
              ④實 時 性
              ④ Real time
              系統提供快速邏輯控制功能,支持 20 ms 的高速掃描周期。系統具有順序事件記錄功能,精度達到 1ms。
              The system provides fast logic control function and supports high-speed scanning cycle of 20 ms. The system has the function of sequential event recording, with an accuracy of 1ms.
              ④ 強大的聯合控制
              ④ Powerful joint control
              ECS-700 系統具有矩陣式的分域控制和實時數據跨域通信管理功能,滿足用戶對大型生產工藝過程分段控制、集中管理的需求。在過程控制網絡進行域間數據共享而不是通過服務器進行域間訪問,確保域間控制與域內控制具有相同的控制效果,將整個工藝過程作為一個整體進行控制管理。
              Ecs-700 system has the functions of matrix sub domain control and real-time data cross domain communication management to meet the needs of users for segmented control and centralized management of large-scale production process. Inter domain data sharing is carried out in the process control network instead of inter domain access through the server, so as to ensure that inter domain control has the same control effect as intra domain control, and control and manage the whole process as a whole.
              ⑤ 高效的多人組態
              ⑤ Efficient multiplayer configuration
              ECS-700 系統具備了多人協同工作的能力。分布式組態平臺允許多個工程師在各自權限范圍內同時管理一個項目,從而提高工作效率和縮短工程周期,保證設計的一致性和安全性。
              Ecs-700 system has the ability of multiple people working together. The distributed configuration platform allows multiple engineers to manage a project at the same time within their respective authority, so as to improve work efficiency, shorten project cycle and ensure the consistency and security of design.
              ⑥ 完備的系統監控
              ⑥ Complete system monitoring
              ECS-700 系統除了具有強大的報警功能和豐富的故障診斷功能外,還可以全面地實時監控超量程/強制//禁止/開關量抖動/故障等各種系統狀態信息。所有這些狀態信息都記錄在歷史數據庫中,可以按照多種查詢模式進行查詢。
              In addition to powerful alarm functions and rich fault diagnosis functions, ecs-700 system can also comprehensively and real-time monitor various system status information such as over range / forced / / prohibition / switching value jitter / fault. All these status information are recorded in the historical database and can be queried according to a variety of query modes.