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              Function analysis of electrical automation DCS card system electrical automation DCS card system plays an important role in enterprise operation. It is the center of enterprise modern operation and brings economic benefits to enterprises [1]. The functional application of DCS card system in electrical automation promotes its application to different occupations, emphasizes the universality of the application of DCS card system, and meets the needs of many occupations. The basic functions of DCS card system of electrical automation are analyzed as follows: centralized monitoring function.
              The centralized monitoring function of electrical automation DCS card system provides a lot of convenience for the operation of enterprises. Setting up a monitoring room and introducing electrical automation DCS card system can complete reliable monitoring, accurately monitor the operation of enterprises under the condition of automation, and create a high-power operation environment for enterprises.
              Less intermediate links criterion as an efficient system, the fewer intermediate links of safety DCS cards, the better. More direct measurement and more reliable performance methods shall be selected as far as possible to avoid cumbersome, messy and unnecessary planning, as well as too many electricity gas and gas electricity conversion links, In addition, we should also consider that there is less demand for personnel intervention and selection, perhaps not. Industrial control systems (ICS) is composed of various active control components and process control components for real-time data collection and monitoring. Its components include data collection and monitoring system (SCADA), distributed DCS card (DCS), programmable logic controller (PLC), long-distance terminal (RTU), intelligent electronic equipment (IED), and interface skills to ensure the communication of each component.
              High power function. The purpose of introducing electrical automation DCS card system into enterprises is to advance the power of enterprises, maintain the fluency of enterprise production, alleviate the pressure of social development on enterprise production, and give full play to the high-power function of electrical automation DCS card system. Information integration function. Some enterprises in China have very high requirements for information integration. Make full use of the information integration function of electrical automation DCS card system to promote the development and construction of enterprises, improve the operation methods of enterprises and optimize the production and operation of enterprises.
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