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              Communication network fault
              Communication network faults are usually caused by contact bus, local bus or wrong address identification.
              Node bus fault
              The transmission medium of node bus is generally coaxial cable, some use token signal transmission mode, some use multi-channel transmission contention bus signal transmission mode with conflict detection. No matter which way is adopted, when any part of the main line of the bus is interrupted, it will lead to the communication failure of all stations and their sub devices on the bus.
              At present, the general way to prevent this kind of fault is to use dual redundant configuration to avoid the global impact due to the failure of one bus, but this can not fundamentally avoid the occurrence of the fault, and once a bus fails, it is easy to cause another bus failure, and the consequences are very serious. The effective way is to prevent the bus from bad contact or open circuit.
              A more successful system node bus layout. The connection of the coaxial cable is not in front of the communication module, but behind the module. In this way, when dealing with the failure of the communication module in the operation of the system, it can avoid touching the coaxial cable by mistake, resulting in the open circuit of the network cable. At the same time, the coaxial cable will not be touched at any time except for special inspection, which can prevent the plug of the coaxial cable from loosening due to repeated plugging, and increase the possibility of its failure. In addition, the coaxial cable inspection and replacement management system should be formulated to replace or deal with before its contact resistance increases to affect communication.
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