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              2021-02-16 15:44:12 來源:http://www.eboudy.com/ 53

              How to quickly remove the display fault of DCS signal (temperature, pressure or flow, etc.)?
              Inaccurate or no display of signal data is a common problem. It may be caused by field instruments or DCS. The methods of quick judgment are as follows:
              1) Use the signal generator to simulate the standard signal test (provided that there must be a signal generator available on site) or connect another signal cable of the same type to the channel for signal introduction test. If it is normal, it indicates that the DCS is normal, and then check whether the on-site DCS signal is wrong.
              2) Check whether the positive and negative of the signal line are connected reversely, whether the jumper setting of the card is correct (especially the new point), and whether the configuration model, range, compensation and other parameters are set incorrectly.
              3) Check whether other measuring points of the card to which the signal belongs operate normally, and judge whether the card spare parts can be replaced according to the actual situation on site to detect whether it is card fault, and pay attention to the jumper setting when replacing.
              This article is provided by the central control DCS card of Zhejiang University. For more information, please click the website: http://www.eboudy.com .