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              What data should be backed up during daily maintenance of DCS card in Zhejiang University?
              It is necessary to back up the configuration, PID parameters, process parameters (set values), system installation software, computer drivers, trends and reports that are considered important.
              How to deal with the problem of no output in the loop?
              A project uses central control JX-300X system. After the user adds a single circuit, there is no output. It will automatically jump back to the manual state when it is automatic. After checking the program, it is found that the user-defined circuit number is 09, while the module corresponding to analog output in BSC module is 08. However, 08 custom loop configuration has not been applied in practice. Therefore, if the user finds that the previously used loop number is 07 in the loop program section, he will put the 08 loop number in the BSC module added this time. Therefore, after the configuration download, the circuit and the actual output did not correspond one by one, so this fault occurred. The circuit number of BCS module in the program is changed to 09, which is normal after compiling and downloading.
              Troubleshooting case of main control card:
              故障現象:某JX-300X DCS卡件系統檢修后發現兩塊主控卡都不工作,主控卡所有的指示燈都不亮。
              Fault phenomenon: after maintenance of a JX-300X DCS card system, it is found that two main control cards are not working, and all indicator lights of the main control card are not on.
              1. Insert the two main control cards into the main control cards of the adjacent control station in turn, and the indicator light of the main control card will display normally, so as to eliminate the hardware fault of the main control card.
              2. Insert an IO card into the original master card slot, the indicator light of IO card is normal, and the fault point is basically located in the master card slot. 3. Measure the 5V and 24V voltage behind each cage with a multimeter: main control card
              The 24 V of the cage and the two cages is 0; after measuring the power supply box, the power supply of 5 V and 24 V is normal, and the wiring of 24 V output to the cage is disconnected. After re connecting the 24 V power line, the main control card works normally and the fault is eliminated.
              以上是"浙大中控DCS卡件日常維護時需要對哪些數據進行備份"介紹,希望對大家有所幫助,如想了解更多精彩資訊請點擊我們的網站:http://www.eboudy.com 。
              The above is the introduction of "what data need to be backed up during daily maintenance of DCS card of Zhejiang University central control". I hope it can help you. For more wonderful information, please click our website: http://www.eboudy.com  .