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              How to check if the signal of thermal resistance is not accurate?
              A: First, check the configuration of the thermal resistance, and confirm that the thermal resistance model in the configuration is consistent with the actual model; second, ensure that the upper and lower computer configuration is consistent. If you still suspect that there is a problem with temperature measurement, the resistance between a and B can be measured as R1; the resistance between B and C is R2.
              According to the temperature measurement principle of three wire thermistor, the actual resistance value of the thermistor is r1-2r2. Then look up the table to find out the corresponding temperature. Then compare this temperature with the temperature on the monitor. If the access is large, please replace the card and try again.
              How to quickly check the system communication failure?
              If communication failure is found in the process of system operation, the following inspection shall be focused on:
              1、了解清楚具體故障現象,是所有通訊中斷還是某部分數據通 訊異常,還是某操作站通訊異常,這對之后的排查很重要。
              1. It is very important to understand the specific fault phenomenon, whether it is all communication interruption or some data communication abnormality, or an operation station communication abnormality.
              2. The engineer has the right to enter the monitoring fault diagnosis screen to observe whether there is communication card or bus fault alarm (such as data transfer card, master control card, etc.). If the card fails, replace it with spare parts.
              3. Check whether the current network is unobstructed and whether the power supply of switches and control stations is normal. The ping command can be used to check whether each network node is unobstructed.
              4. Network cable, switch, SBUs line and other faults may cause network faults, so the troubleshooting method can be replaced and tested.
              5. Check whether the IP setting of the operation station in question is correct, whether the card address (master control card, data transfer card) is set correctly, whether the network card driver is installed correctly, and whether the network cable connection is incorrect (cross, etc.).
              The above is the introduction of "how to quickly check the system communication failure by DCs card of Zhejiang University central control". I hope it can help you. For more information, please click our website: http://www.eboudy.com 。