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              How to judge the alarm of operation station?
              In general, there are two main causes of the operation station failure: hardware failure and software failure. The following describes the causes of various failures and treatment methods. If you can't enter the interface of the operating system after the crash and restart, we first listen to the prompt tone when the computer starts, and then preliminarily judge the fault according to the prompt tone, and solve the problem first. If the prompt tone is normal and the windows interface cannot be accessed, the windows file is wrong and the operating system needs to be re installed.
              windows文件錯誤的產生可能是硬盤有壞磁道引起,需要先用windows98的啟動盤啟動后,在命令提示符下輸入scandisk c:對硬盤的主分區進行掃描,確認硬盤沒有故障的情況后,對操作系統重新進行安裝;如果硬盤有故障,建議更換硬盤再重新安裝windows操作系統。如果死機重啟后可以進入操作系統界面,但間隔一段時間后,又會重新死機則需要分析軟硬件的其它可能性。
              Windows file errors may be caused by bad tracks in the hard disk. You need to start with Windows 98 boot disk, and then enter ScanDisk C at the command prompt to scan the main partition of the hard disk. After confirming that the hard disk is not faulty, the operating system is reinstalled. If the hard disk fails, it is recommended to replace the hard disk and then re install the windows operating system. If you can enter the operating system interface after a crash and restart, but it will crash again after a period of time, then you need to analyze other possibilities of software and hardware.
              What else do you need to do after installing the operating system?
              A: 1. Install the main board, graphics card, sound card, network card and other drivers
              2. Install configuration software
              3. Set IP address (according to the number of network cards and the address of operation station)
              4. Turn off NIC flow control
              5. Connect the network for configuration or monitoring operation
              The above is about Zhejiang University central control operation station alarm how to judge, hope to help you, if you want to know more content, welcome to click http://www.eboudy.com Website.