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                What should be paid attention to in the daily management of central control room?
                A: The daily management of the control room is very important for the stable operation and maintenance of the system
                1) The location of doors and windows in the control room is reasonable, the operation station, control cabinet and ups are placed in a standard manner with clear marks.
                2) The control room shall be kept daily clean, proper temperature and humidity shall be maintained, and the operation of lighting and air conditioning shall be checked.
                3) Check the waterproof, dust-proof, corrosion-proof and vibration proof conditions of the system, and rectify the loopholes in time.
                4) Standardize the management, do not allow irrelevant personnel to touch the control cabinet card, set password for the operation station, and strengthen the security management.
                5) Check the marks of switches, terminals and external parts in the control cabinet to make them clear and convenient for maintenance.
                Suggestion: the temperature range of control room is 0-50 ℃, about 20 ℃; humidity range: 10% - 90% RH, no condensation.
                How can DCS know the current fault situation of the system in daily maintenance?
                A: It is very important to pay attention to observation during daily maintenance. The key points of observation and understanding are as follows:
                1. Whether the card indication of control station is abnormal (whether the fail light is on red light),
                2. Enter the monitoring "fault diagnosis" screen to check whether there is any fault prompt of card operation and abnormal prompt of communication network,
                3. Check whether the power supply of the system is normal.
                4. Check whether the power supply fan of the control station is running, whether the switch indicator is normal, and whether there is corrosion (whether the connector or cabinet copper strip is blackened, etc.).
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