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              2020-09-16 16:36:43 來源:http://www.eboudy.com/ 53

                What is a dongle and what is its use?
                The dongle is a popular security tool for identity authentication. It is similar in size to a USB flash disk and can be directly plugged into the USB interface of an independent server. Some server software, such as financial software, requires a dongle to run normally.
                The function of encryption dog
                Due to the special algorithm and nature of the encryption dog, when the user logs in the background, he / she will verify his / her identity again, and add a security door to your platform management to better guard your platform.
                1. The dongle complements the lack of IP restriction function.
                Local point card channel customers do not have fixed IP, so generally only IP segment restrictions can be set. There is also a part of customers at home and in the company who need to manage the background. IP limit setting has no way to lock individual IP. For the IP restriction function of these two local customers, the dongle has a good security complementary effect.
                2. The encryption dog strengthens the internal management skills.
                Encryption dog can be carried with you, simple and convenient, plug and play. Employees and finance can log in the system only when they are authorized. To your financial management and internal management has brought stability and convenience.
                3. Encryption dog defends foreign invaders
                If your server is not in the heart of the Trojan horse, your background account may be sniffed or intercepted at any time, but hackers can't stop the background login because there is no dongle. Therefore, even if your account password is stolen by mistake, it is difficult to complete remote login to your background, and it is difficult to control your machine to stop background login as long as he does not have the encryption dog.
                The above is about the use of the encryption dog, thank you for reading, hope to help you!