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              2020-09-15 16:20:18 來源:http://www.eboudy.com/ 53

                Encryption dog, also known as encryption lock, is a kind of software and hardware encryption products used in computer, intelligent hardware equipment, industrial computer, cloud system and so on. The software developers protect the source code and algorithm through the authorization of zhedu central control softdog management software to prevent unauthorized use or resist piracy threats.
                The general softdog is a whole set of software encryption scheme. Considering the comprehensive factors of different software usage, economic value, cracking pressure and software use environment, a complete software encryption solution is designed from the aspects of software and hardware identification, data communication, authorization management, distribution mode and physical and hardware requirements.
                A good software encryption solution should include all aspects of software protection, such as: security, easy to use, durable, good compatibility, cross platform, rich authorization management functions, etc. However, security is a barrel effect. If we only use software shell tools or API encryption, or only consider smart card dongles, these methods have shortcomings, which will be used and attacked by hackers. The original software enterprises are living in the cracks. In addition to facing the extrusion of software giants at home and abroad, they are also facing the huge impact of piracy on the development of software. And because the development of software enterprises is from the previous software imitation to the development of innovation and creativity, software encryption has become the top priority of domestic software enterprises and even hardware equipment manufacturers.
                The above is about the introduction of the dongle, I believe you have a preliminary understanding. If you want to know more, please click the website of Zhejiang University central control softdog.