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                What checks should be carried out before the DCS is powered off?
                1. Open the cabinet door of control station and observe whether the card works normally and whether there is fault display;
                2. Observe whether there is a fault from the real-time monitoring fault diagnosis of each operation station, and record it;
                3. Check whether the power box works normally, whether the power fan works, whether the 5V and 24V indicator lights are normal, and measure and record the voltage values;
                4. Backup configuration, PID parameters, drive and other important data needed;
                5. Check the power supply redundancy, including AC power supply redundancy and DC power supply redundancy. AC power supply redundancy: by disconnecting one circuit of redundant AC ~ 220 VAC incoming lines, half of the AC power supply circuits of the system lose power, but the system should still be able to work normally. DC power supply redundancy test method is as follows:
                (1) First, cut off the power supply of one circuit power box, and measure the voltage of 5V and 24V on the power terminal of each cage cage motherboard;
                (2) First connect the power supply of one power box, then cut off the power supply of another power box, and then measure the voltage of 5V and 24V on the power terminal of each cage motherboard. The 5V output voltage of the power box should be between 5.10v and 5.25V, and the output voltage of the 24V power box should be between 23.00v and 25.00v. If the voltage deviation is large, it is necessary to check and deal with it in time, otherwise the normal operation of the card will be affected.
                6. Check the network cable and layout, check whether the network cable is in good contact, and replace the fault cable in time;
                7. UPS test: test the power supply capacity of UPS battery by disconnecting the AC incoming line of ups. UPS battery should be discharged regularly, generally once a month. Discharge method: disconnect UPS AC power supply and use battery power supply until the battery is about to be released.
                The above is about the contents that need to be checked before the power failure of DCS. I believe you all know something about it. If you want to know more, please click the DCS card of central control of Zhejiang University http://www.eboudy.com Official website.