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                If maintenance is not paid attention, static electricity may have a great impact on DCS card or communication. During DCS maintenance, especially when touching hardware card or communication components, the following measures should be taken to prevent static electricity.
                1. Keep a certain humidity in the environment. Especially in northern areas or in dry winter, the cases of static electricity failure are far greater than those in southeast coastal areas or other seasons. Therefore, in some important places, such as computer room, laboratory, electronic instrument assembly and adjustment workshop, it is necessary to consider the problem of maintaining a certain humidity, especially for those closed air-conditioned rooms, there should be certain humidity control equipment.
                2. Lay anti-static floor, control room and operation room shall be paved with anti-static floor.
                3. When maintaining or pinching the card, pay attention to releasing static electricity first and avoid touching the electronic components, panel circuit and solder joint with hands.
                4. The card should be stored in the anti-static plastic container or anti-static plastic bag, and stored in the card box.
                5. Pay attention to wearing DCS anti-static wrist during system maintenance.
                The above is about how DCS card anti-static related content introduction, I hope to help you.